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News | Focus - Act now: Desperate Call for Help
Rainstorms/Flood Situation in Skardu Baltistan

GRACE is an Islamabad-based Non Governmental Organisation with a dedicated team of staff, enthusiastic volunteers and a network of supporters throughout the world. GRACE has been working in the Skardu area for decades, committed to improving the quality of life of the marginalized and vulnerable communities of North East Pakistan. However, the 2010 floods unleashed a crisis that requires immediate action.

Estimated Urgent Relief Requirement: USD= US$146500.00

The Skardu & Ganche districts of Gilgit-Baltistan in northern Pakistan have been hit by devastating floods, the region's worst deluge in 80 years. At least 55 men, women and children, have died in the Qumra area and the Talis village at Ganche. Four villages were completely washed away in Baltistan with bodies later recovered from rubble caused by mud avalanches. Landslides have cut off road links and bridges destroyed, further crippling local communications. Houses have been buried under mud and rocks, properties destroyed, and cattle lost. Continuing bad weather made it impossible for rescue teams to reach many of the affected areas. To make things worse, the monsoon rains show little sign of subsiding.

This is a desperate call for help.

See the column on the right to get an idea of the extent of the damage.

Your help is essential for us to get hold of the following Immediate Relief Requirements:

  • 5000 litres of bottled drinking water bottles for victims living in two camps
  • 450 food packets
  • 450 hygiene kits
  • Warm clothing for 4450 victims
  • 450 plastic mats for flooring in shelters
  • Restoration of drinking water systems in Kharko and Qumra. This alone will cost some PKRs 1.8 million
  • Financial support for wider economic recovery: PKRs 5 million

Grace Association Pakistan requests your assistance for relief and rehabilitation of victims living under these conditions in isolated and inaccessible areas in Skardu and Ganche districts. We will ensure that your donations in cash or kind will reach affected communities with the minimum of delay. We would be happy to work in partnership with other humanitarian organizations operating.

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