GRACE orgainzation pakistan NGO Grassroots Association for Community Empowerment

The devastating Pakistan flooding 2010 made big collateral damages in the country. It started from the northern parts of the country including Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) province and affected more than 2.5 Million people around the country.

GRACE Association Pakistan has been engaged in the rescue and relief activities from the very beginning in district Skardu and Ganche of the GB province. The organization organized its community volunteer network and reached in five villages including Qumra, Kwardu, Kharko, Talis and Basho. GRACE Volunteers were the first team to reach the affectees in the most hit Qumra and Talis villages with rescue and relief support. The volunteers gave special attentions and psychosocial care and treatment to families particularly with patients, pregnant women, children, elders and people with disabilities who lost in tense on losing their everything even many lost their all dears and nears in the flooding.

GRACE Association Pakistan also played major role in resource mobilization for the victims by developing linkages and making appeal to government, civil society and other supporting organizations to help the flood affectees. It has been effective and helpful to meet immediate needs particularly in establishment of medical camps by government in Shot, Oro and Talis and the hardest hit and inaccessible villages like Qumra, Bondu and Kharko etc to provide life-saving medicines and support from local doctors.

GRACE Association conducted a detail assessment survey to identify immediate and long term needs of the flood affectees in Baltistan and circulated the report in humanitarian organizations, government departments and support organizations so that they help the flood victims with their own arrangements.

Grace Association Pakistan distributed relief and Eid gift packages on September 11, 2010 among flood-affected people in Qumra and other affected villages in Giglit-Baltistan. The Eid-ul-Fitr Gifts distributed among 39 flood affected families living in tents. The Eid gift package includes cloths for women and men, children toys, biscuits, and food items.