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News | January 2011 Islamabad. Visiting Islamabad
GRACE English Access Micro Scholarship Program Students Visit the US Embassy & Access Centre in Islamabad.

In order to ensure exposure, exchange ideas, provide an introduction to a big environment as well as the US Embassy in Islamabad, Grace Association English Access Micro Scholarship Program coordinator Shamshad Hussain organized a study tour for Access students.

Objectives of the Visit:
  • Make students understand the cultural barriers between the city and the rural areas of the region
  • Exchange ideas between access centres, share information, make friends among student groups
  • To create mentors for other students in Skardu
  • Confidence building, expanding students understanding of diverse cultures
  • Introducing the US program administration to students
  • Brainstorming for scholarship opportunities
  • Career counselling

In the land of tranquillity and natural beauty in the extreme north of Pakistan lies the newly created province of Gilgit Baltistan, with Skardu as its capital. In this remote corner of the country, virtually all aspects of life remain underdeveloped, especially education. Due to their isolation, many people in this area are afraid of big cities such as Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi, and are generally cautious about visiting any other area thought to be more advanced.

Last week the Access students of Skardu Centre got their opportunity to visit Islamabad. As was to be expected they entered the nation?s capital with a certain hesitation. Relief was close at hand, though, and on meeting students at the Islamabad Access Centre their anxieties evaporated in seconds.

The visit by the students of English Access Micro-scholarship Programme in Skardu to the US Embassy is a milestone in the history of Skardu Access Centre. Overall, the students? visit to Islamabad was a resounding success, with the welcome at the embassy making the journey visit a double bonus. The US officials were very encouraging, spending a lot of time with the students and showering compliments on their highly-developed communication skills. Ironic, as it turned out, coming as they did at the very moment when the students couldn?t find the words to express their happiness. However, everyone was agreed that the generosity of the US government in the form of this remarkable scholarship program has opened new ways to success and prosperity.