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GRACE Public School annual exams were conducted during the last week of December 2011.
News | 2011 Annual exams

Students assessment is an ongoing and integral part of the teaching and learning process of the GRACE school. Through this, the school is able to provide easy-to-understand reports to parents, students and teachers as individual learning outcomes.

During the last week of December 2011, Annual Exams were conducted. Students were tested across their learning domains including language, and were assessed using different tools of assessment including a written test, the reading of articles, oral correspondence with teachers and their peers, and listening comprehension. Apart from these assessment, the students social skills, and participation in the programs/ enrichment activities and their attendance were also assessed and given ratings. By analyzing each students scores on each of the domains, the teachers were able to determine each students proficiency in learning and promote them to next grade with recommendations for improvement. Students who receive a composite score of 50% and above are considered to have passed the assessment and eligible for promotion to next grade.