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News | 14 October 2010 Islamabad. Distributed Eid-Ul-Filtr Gift

GRACE Association Pakistan distributed relief and gift packages during the three-day Eid holiday, marking the end of Ramadan. The recipients in Qumra and other villages in Giglit-Baltistan were victims of the 2010 flood. The GRACE Team distributed Eid gifts among 39 flood affected families, celebrating their Eid in tents. The packages included clothes for adults, children's toys, biscuits, and other food items.

Speaking on the occasion, GRACE Programme and Flood Relief Coordinator, Mr. Shamshad Hussain, noted that the scale of disaster was so huge that neither the government or any one organization would be able to cope with the situation alone, and there was a dire need that everybody played their part to help those affected. During conversations with this affected by the flood at a camp in Shot village, Mr. Muhammad Qasimr, GRACE Association's Coordinator, said he was speaking on behalf of the Association as a whole when he expressed sympathy for the flood victims' sufferings. He added that the Association is maiing every effort to'bring help of various kinds.

In return, the GRACE Association was thanked for the Eid Gift distribution which were especially appreciated by women and children affected by the flood.