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News | 29-30 December 2010 Skardu. Winter relief items to Qumrah and Kharko flood victims

The Direct Aid Programme of the Australian High Commission in Islamabad supported GRACE Association to help flood victims in two villages in Skardu Baltistan. With this support we were able to purchase the following essential winter relief items:

  • Blankets,
  • Mattresses,
  • Warm clothes,
  • Clothing for children, gloves and mufflers,
  • Wheelchairs,
  • Sleeping bags and food supplements for infants.

These items were allocated on the basis of need among the 312 victims in Qumrah and Kharko villages of Skardu, Baltistan who were, most of whom were ill equipped to survive the oncoming crucial winter season.

Staff and volunteers from GRACE Association managed the distribution of relief items in collaboration with the district administration and local community elders. These were: the Deputy Commissioner Ganche Raja Fazal Khaliq, SSP Ganche Syed Ahmad DSP Ganche Mr. Furman Ali, District Health Officer Dr. Sadiq Shah, village elders and large numbers of communities participated in the distribution of items and the district administration heads ensured distribution of items to the most needy flood victims. In addition, these volunteers and participants expressed appreciation for GRACE Association Pakistan's endeavours as well as to the Australian High Commission for their selfless support during this time of critical need.

The recipients expressed enormous relief and gratitude to the organization and donor. It must be realized that these people were undergoing a stressful time after attempting to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of the floods that destroyed many of their homes and possessions, including clothing. Timing was also an important aspect, with the events coming in time for people to prepare for the arrival of harsh winter conditions.